When it comes to entertainment, style, news and fashion then popular magazines of UAE plays a vital role to satisfy the changing needs of the lifestyle of the people of UAE. All the news of glitz, glamour, sports, entertainment, and updated news are provided by these magazines. These magazines are one of the most popular magazines of UAE which will cater to all your needs for the information. So don’t just wait for the latest news just go for it. The world is changing at a very faster pace so if you don’t have the right information at the correct time. Then it may be possible that you lag behind in this highly competitive world.

So let’s see the five best magazines of UAE. That can satisfy the daily information need of an individual in UAE.

Aquarius Magazine:-

No, don’t just go by its name it is not about any Zodiac sign Aquarius. This magazine is all about latest trends and fashion of women. This Magazine talks everything related to women styles and fashions. This is one of the monthly lifestyle magazines for the woman which provides real time solutions to women for their daily needs starting from fashion, home, health to fitness. It provides thought provoking news and the main aim of this magazine is that to inspire women by providing practical solutions to their daily life problems. This Magazine was launched in June 2014.

Ahlan Magazine:-

This word comes from an Arabic word which actually means welcome. By its name itself, it has made its intention clear that all readers and news seekers are welcome here. This magazine is available in the market in both Arabic as well as English versions. This magazine was first launched by ITP publishing group in November 2003. It contains all the latest information of fashion and glamour world especially of Hollywood. It also covers the inside stories of the celebrities of the Middle East Countries. It is also a part of the ITP group. 

Middle East plant & Equipment Magazine:-

Middle East Plant and Equipment provides important business information to the heavy equipment’s plant and crane dealers, contractors, to target specific customers of this industry all over the world. It is a business magazine with a monthly readership which extends up to 23800. It provides adverts in both English and Arabic language. In Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman it has a readership of over 18000. Thus these statistics reveal the entire story of this magazine that how much popular business magazine it is in UAE.


MEED magazine is considered to be the senior management media brand. It is established in 1957 whose primary aim is to provide business information to its corporate audience in UAE and in the Middle East. It provides reports, analysis, and business intelligence news along with current projects update and awards news to its readers. Over 30-C level Executives conferences and summits are hosted by MEED events. Check out more information about MEED UAE Careers Contact Number on their website.

Alpha Magazine: – This Magazine is focused on providing information on Men’s lifestyle, fashion, sports, grooming, travel, technology, motor, and Health along with fitness. It is a complete package of information about men’s lifestyle. They are the partners of Gulf News and GN media publishers.



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