The hinges of the pivot door are mounted on the top and bottom side of the door, instead of the sides and thus, the door rotates on a vertical axis. The movement of the pivot door is visually quite different compared to that of a regular hinged door.

The hinges might also be placed 4” from the side of the door. These will create the tail of a pivot’s door. The tail swings inward for a door that swings outward and vice-versa. This will give a unique aesthetic value to the pivot door systems– it has a contemporary look and feel.

Components Of A Pivot Door

A pivot doors is basically a pivoting panel which is available in different types, designs and sizes. Contrary to the old times, these days the door uses hinges and a top pivot. The hinge system is motorized at the bottom inside the location and the top pivot is also motorized at the inside top of the door. These hinges look invisible on the finished door. The hinges of the door can be placed at any position and that will determine the vertical axis of the location, wherein the door pivots.

Benefits Of Pivot Door

The pivot door systems come with the following advantages:

  • It has a great aesthetic appeal- As mentioned earlier, the pivot door looks very different from a regular hinged door. It comes with a beautiful and elegant movement of the door.
  • They are bigger- These doors have different measurements than regular hinged doors. They are much larger and often installed at the entrance. It comes with the right quality pivot hinges.
  • Customization- These doors can be customized very easily. You will have the freedom to design it just the way you want it. These doors are very heavy and the unique design would theme them easy to handle. The design is such that the hinges are invisible on the finished door, which means there is no distraction. The focus will always remain on the main design of the door.
  • They are made from different types of materials- These doors can be made from different types of materials. However, the only requirement here is that the hinges are motorized inside the door. From wood to glass and steel and marble, these doors can be made of any compatible material.
  • Easy installation- The pivots doors are very easy to install, and there is no additional work post-installation. Once the floor and ceiling plates are motorized, the door can simply be lifted in place.


The pivots door can be placed in both interiors and exteriors of your home. Whether you want a grand entry or a unique design for your bathroom door, the pivot system can be a great option.

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