Times come when we have to stay in hotels far away from our sweet homes. Our family celebrations, office tours, temporary transfers or business trips compel us to book hotel rooms. The managements in these shelter houses put hotel signs at the apt places for our convenience. We come to know the value of such signs that are meant for different purposes.

Different signs and their significance – While staying in hotels we usually come across the following signs:

Welcome sign – Hotel managements always honor their guests by putting up the welcome sign at the entrances. These hospitality signs help them to expand their business in a big way. Those staying in the hotel rooms are greatly impressed with the welcome signs that are remembered by them for long. Putting up these signs at the suitable places goes a long way in retaining the customers for years to come.

Reception signs – Just enter any hotel and you will see this sign that hangs at the reception counter. Smartly dressed reception staff welcomes you with a great smile that impresses you in a big way. Visitors to any hotel are greeted with warm welcome that is much useful for the hotels that earn big income by receiving their clients.

Room number signs – Now that you have entered the hotel and registered yourself as its client for few days, this is the time to reach your room. It is the number of the room that hangs outside the room that is allotted to you for your comfortable stay. The sub staff of the hotel would take your luggage to the specific room that has its number on its door.

Directional signs – Interiors of the hotels have these signs that direct you to different locations that include laundry, gym, pool, dining hall, dance room and DJs etc. Just have a glance at these signs and you would be there at the place that you want to access in any hotel. Those interested to use the elevator may see the relevant sign and go up by using the lift.

Emergency signs – It could happen that you may sometimes get trapped in odd situations. It is these signs that would help you out to have first aid or fulfill your other emergent needs. Stairwells, exit doors and the designated handicap are some of the emergency signs that are also so important for you.

Significance – Gone are the days when the visitors to any hotel were challenged with the problem of finding the requisite facilities as stated above. It is these hospitality signs that enable you to reach and enjoy the needed things. Those interested to enjoy light exercises can reach the gym with the help of these signs. Likewise those intending to have drinks may walk down to the bar and enjoy their preferred wines or beers by having a glance at the bars sign in any hotel. Same way those crazy about dancing may go to the dance room by looking at the relevant hotel signs in any hotel.

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