The day of your wedding is one which you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. Tapas Maiti covers a range of weddings from a number of different cultures. From Indian wedding photography to church weddings, Tapas Maiti strives to provide you with quality pictures to remind you of that special day.

Tapas was born in Calcutta and raised in England, and India. It’s this diverse background that means he can adapt to different weddings and cultures for you. The Indian wedding photography Tapas Maiti has provided his services for have been from up and down the country. Wherever you are, he can get to you. His passion is photography and he is always bettering himself and his skills. If you’re looking for Indian Wedding photography, then Tapas is your man.

When Tapas is working on Indian wedding photography he aims for a mixture of documentary and beauty. He avoids staging photographs and tries to capture real moments, so in years to come you aren’t looking back at certain parts of the wedding that were staged for a photographers benefit.

Indian wedding photography isn’t the only thing he has to offer though. His personal shoots are of locations and people and can be used for a number of different applications. Another service offered are engagements shoots, which can be used on your wedding day, or just to remember the moment that changed your life.

Tapas’ diverse background means that whether it’s Indian Wedding photography or a civil ceremony he can come and help you capture that special day. He will lovingly work on your pictures in post production to make sure that they are always of the highest quality, and best capture your wedding day.

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