Are they traditional types of wedding venues Colchester that have witnessed numerous weddings in the past?  Would you like to take an alternative approach to wedding venues Colchester and book your wedding celebrations at a new state-of-the-art facility that’s being built in the heart of Colchester?  This magnificent building will shortly become a premier visual arts facility and it’s available to hire for private functions in the future. Where other wedding venues Colchester look dated and drab, this modern facility leads the way with its cutting-edge design.  You’ve looked at other types of wedding venues Colchester now peruse the best and make plans to host your nuptials inside this gorgeous golden-clad building.

It’s a fabulous functional facility

And you could book one of the best wedding venues Colchester will ever see.  Inside the newly built structure you’ll find a fantastic function suit that puts other wedding venues Colchester to shame.  Light, bright and modern, this premier venue stands out as a high end facility; it’s not one of the average types of wedding venues Colchester you tend to find in the local area.  You can bet plenty of brides will be booking this high class establishment once they’ve compared it to the rest of the wedding venues Colchester can provide.  Will you be one of the brides that benefits from this amazing development?  Don’t miss out on this leading venue hire solution.

Packed with top notch facilities

Brides that book one of the finest wedding venues Colchester will experience the most magical of wedding celebrations.  This fine establishment makes sure no other wedding venues Colchester can compete with the high class standard of service.  With exceptional catering facilities, a la carte menu options or buffet-style dining available and bespoke packages provided for each wedding party, you can envisage numerous happy occasions taking place in the most modern of wedding venues Colchester.  Failed to be inspired by the wedding venues that you’ve already seen?  Organise a visit to the fabulous arts facility and get ready to be wowed by this dynamic development.

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