Finding the perfect wedding venue is the most challenging yet most important task. Remember that the entire vibe of your wedding day typically depends on your selection of wedding venue. So here we advise you to visit more and more places. Read all the reviews. Raise all your queries and then finalise the venue. This may take some time, but it’s completely worth spending time on. The right place selection will let you reach your goal of having a fairy tale wedding. So are you ready to get your dream venue booked?  Then here we have a list of important questions that you must ask while finalising your wedding venue.

Is This Venue Available On Our Special Day? 

The first thing you should be asking is the venue’s availability. There are super luxurious wedding venues Essex that come with every luxurious facility. But having them booked for the wedding season is a real struggle. This is why we advise you to raise a question regarding the availability of your chosen venue. Also, if you have your dates confirmed, just don’t wait much and get it booked with an advance payment.

How Often Does This Venue Gets Sanitised?

Cleanliness and proper sanitisation are essential here. So do not hesitate to raise your query on this. Ask the venue owner how frequent they arrange a proper sanitisation here. Also, check out whether their outdoor place, bouquet hall and bathrooms are clean enough or not. Do not compromise when it comes to serious matters like cleanliness and hygiene.

Do You Have The Arrangements For Food?

We all know the importance of food on special occasions like weddings. Famous wedding venues Essex have top-rated chefs appointed to assist their clients. They can help you set a perfect food menu for grand occasions like weddings. But it’s better to get a confirmation on this. So do not forget to ask this question while finalising that one ideal venue.

How Many Guests Are Allowed Here?

Although every luxurious venue in Essex allows 200 guests, it is better to ask this earlier. If you have your guest list prepared, then why wait for more? Just talk about your guest list and ask the venue owner whether their venue contains this much space or not.

How Much Do I Have To Pay In Advance?

Today most top-rated wedding venues demand booking charges. So raise your query on this so that you can arrange the money earlier and get it paid on time. This will also help you to decide whether it’s suitable for your pre-planned budget or not.

Thus, to conclude, the suitable question-answer session will help you find the ideal place you were looking for. So raise your queries right, talk about your criteria and expectations and get your dream place booked earlier. Good luck.

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