Whether you shave, wax or use hair removal creams, every woman that takes the time to remove hair from their body for whatever reason will understand how frustrating it can be each time it begins to grow back. You may have a blissful few days, or even just hours in the case of shaving, during which you have silky smooth legs you want to show off to the world, but the minute the stubble begins to grow back you can find yourself at a loss. So, imagine the delight of women across the world when laser hair removal was introduced! This mostly permanent solution to hair removal is a miracle for most, but if that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve put together a quick quite to the benefits of laser hair removal that you may not have considered.

Lower Overall Cost

Think of all of the wax strips, razors or tubes of cream that you go through on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Now, consider how many you’ve gone through over the entirety of your hair removal life – it’s a lot, right? The initial cost of laser hair removal could make your eyes water, but when you compare the cost with how much money you spend on other hair removal equipment, it’s actually much lower! While the price upfront may seem expensive, you really will be saving money overall, which is only the first benefit!

Environmental Impact

Once again, think back over all of those hair removal tools you’ve used and how much room in bins they take up or how much of it literally goes down the drain. When you get laser hair removal, the only ‘waste’ will be the gloves your dermatologist uses, and maybe a paper sheet or two if it’s laid out over the clinic’s bed. Laser hair removal can sound like it might be harming the environment, but the opposite is actually true.

More Free Time!

If your environmental impact isn’t enough of a benefit, the simple fact that you’ll have more free time on your hands could be. A half hour shower can be cut down by half, if not more, simply by taking out the shaving stage. Women can spend hours a week shaking their legs, armpits, private areas and don’t even get us started on plucking! Countless time is wasted where laser hair removal could easily give you back at least some of the time that you’re wasting on a weekly basis so you can get a bit of extra sleep!

Fewer Ingrown Hairs

Shaving and waxing in particular are prone to giving you ingrown hairs which can be painful, itchy or even make your hair follicles prone to infection. Laser hair removal eradicates most of the risk of ingrown hairs and you can even kiss goodbye to thicker, brittle hairs that leave you itchy while they’re growing back, especially as we grow older. If you’re someone who suffers from ingrown hairs or scarring, laser hair removal could be an ideal solution.

Better Skin Quality

Cuts, scars, chemicals, the ripping out of hairs – these are all things that could compromise the quality of your skin. Laser hair removal will require a level of aftercare, particularly when it comes to staying out of the sun, but your skin will overall be a much better quality at the end of it all. While you could be at minor risk of infection during the procedures, this risk goes away once you’ve completed your sessions compared to the weekly or sometimes even more frequent home hair removal sessions.

While laser hair removal may not be an immediate miracle cure, it certainly has some benefits as far as skin quality and reduced risks are concerned. With a lower cost and lesser environmental impact to consider too, there’s simply no denying that the benefits are there, so why not give it a try?

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