You need to set aside your honor or ego where your body is in the current stage. Safe yoga poses for pregnancy or prenatal yoga is one of the best things which you can do for the baby along with yourself. It is important that you go on to find the right form of yoga practice, be it going to a class, watching promotional DVDs or practicing at your own home. You need to listen to your body and do what is right for you in the present state.

Some of the benefits associated with practicing yoga during pregnancy are as follows

Soothes the nervous system

Through the mechanism of deep breathing, the nervous system of the body goes on to parasympathetic mode. When the bodies are in that mode, it contributes to proper digestion and you are in a state of relaxation. We also tend to sleep better as the body is in an optimal mode.

Helps you prepare for labor

During each pose of yoga you are working with conscious breathing, which can be a lot challenging. This transforms during labor and you are a lot more comfortable. The process of inhale or exhale helps you during this process.

Your bonding with the baby increases

This practice of yoga allows you to calm down and the onus is shifted to what is happening in our bodies. When you work with our breath and does each pose, you are aware of what is going within.

Increases circulation

The circulation is enhanced within the muscles along with the joints, during practice. When the circulation of blood happens in our bodies, immunity increases and the swelling decreases. It creates a healthy environment for the baby, which is emerging in the womb.

Your stamina along with strength is increased

As the baby grows in our body, obviously you would need more energy and strength, to carry the extra weight. The various yoga poses go on to strengthen our arms, shoulders along with neck.


The balance of the body is physically challenged as the fetus grows inside the body. On an emotional level  we are drained as one tries to focus or breathe during each yoga pose. In this manner we are able to find a balance both in  the physical or emotional level.

Sense of belonging

When you are part of a yoga class you tend to come across like minded individuals who are in the same situation as you. You can share all the problems and discuss what each one of you goes through the stage of pregnancy. In a word of caution there are some yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy and it would be better if you take the opinion of your health service provider before you begin the practice of it.

Time of nurture

This is that time when it allows you to stop and take a break from our busy life. Through yoga you are not only seeking attention for yourself, but the baby at the same time.

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