Driveways installed at your home serve a significant role as they act as the path one uses to guide a vehicle in or out of the parking area. Materials such as clay, concrete, asphalt, gravel, etc. could be used to pave your driveway. 

On the basis of design and material, driveways could provide your home with a nice entry and a graceful layout. 

However, before you plan to install your driveway, there are a few things one needs to consider as the process of the installation could become costly if proper aspects are not taken into consideration. 

Financial plan 

While a few driveway options cost more than others, it does not necessarily mean that your driveway cannot be constructed if the budget is low. Hence, first, start with planning your budget above everything else. It would not only include the material cost, but also labour, installation, resurfacing charges, etc.  

The cost would also depend on various certain factors such shape and size of your driveway, the inclusion of drainage system and landscape integration, greenery, lighting etc. 

Factor of maintenance 

Maintaining a driveway does not only require exertion, but also time and capital. Before you finalise a particular material for your driveway construction, ensure the various aspects of maintaining that material. 

Hence, inspect the material on the basis of durability which could ensure that your driveway could last longer effectively. 

In the case of the gravel driveways, the material allows them to require the minimal need of maintenance and the costs related to it. 


Our driveways North London offer the finest aesthetic appeal and augment the look of your home’s exteriors. To achieve a perfect layout, one can ever ask for records or photographs of previous contracts finished by your vendor and take the optimal decision. 

Weather and geography 

Each and every driveway material would not be able to suit all of the weather conditions. For instance, a concrete driveway would be beneficial for water cleaning in winter as compared to other paving options. Moreover, being non-porous, natural chemicals or ice melts could be used. 

On the other hand, aggregate driveways are not suitable in regions which receive high rainfall as they are prone to degradation. They cannot tolerate harsh and repetitive freezes for a long time. 

Lastly, one must ensure that proper regulations are signed before installing a driveway in your area. Many municipal corporations ask for permits for home improvements prior to beginning the project. 

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