If you love gardening and adore the plants you have on your property, then adding awnings can provide them with additional protection. These awnings would not only enhance the life of your plants but as they are available in different styles, colours, and designs, they can enhance the curb appeal of your home as well. Read on to know why every plant lover should install awnings to protect the health of their plants.

The Benefits Of Window Awnings

Protection from heavy rain flooding- One of the top benefits of getting house awnings is that they protect your plant from intaking too much water. In the event of heavy rain, if the roots of the plants become too saturated then that can plummet the soil oxygen content, and in turn, inhibit the overall plant respiration system. If the plant under your windows tends to get a lot of water, especially during heavy rain, then the awnings can help them from getting flooded. This can cause a lot of plant detriment.

Retain The Moisture Of The Soil

Sometimes, especially during the summer season, water from the soil tends to evaporate. This means that the water does not get penetrated through the soil so that it can reach your plants, and this can make your plant very dehydrated. Ideally, the plant roots should stay wet for about 2-4 hours every day, which would maintain their optimal health. The house awnings can block direct sunlight and heat, which in turn, slows down the evaporation process. It effectively helps to keep the soil moist for a longer period.

Prevent Plants From Too Much Sun Exposure

Direct and too much exposure to the sun can harm your plants in several ways. It can make them dehydrated and even cause death. This is because too much exposure to the sun can cause the plant molecules to release damaging free radicals. If you see that the plants under your window are developing yellow or brown leaves then that can be an indication of too much sun exposure. In such cases, you can prevent them with shield-like awnings which would prevent the health of the plants from further declining.

With all these benefits, installing awnings in your window seems to be a good idea. But you would always consider going for awnings that come with UV-block material. They should have a sturdy build and a water-proof frame. They should also be retractable. This feature would help you control the amount of sunlight or rain reaching your plants. With awnings, the health of your plants would get benefitted and it would enhance the way your garden looks. It is a great investment for avid gardeners and people who love their plants.

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