Workplace panic buttons have become an essential part of any company. People used these buttons in times of emergency to get help from others. These buttons are incorporated and installed in specified places that are more prone to accidents. Additionally, some people run a higher chance of getting attacked, and these buttons can protect them at the right moment. Different types of these buttons differ in ways to locate them. Let us look at some of them.

Panic buttons that do not show the location

Some panic buttons do not provide any information about the location of the person in distress. These are the simplest of panic buttons and also the cheapest ones. They are mainly used in companies where there is a very less number of employees. They can also be used where the entire area is demarcated into different segments meant for different purposes. The company owner can install different buttons, providing different signals to a centralized control room. Whenever one panic button is turned on, the control room personnel can immediately identify the affected people’s location from the prior information associated with that button.

Alarm Panic buttons with a loud sound

This kind of panic button is often seen in industries that require loud heavy performance machines. Due to the installation of such costly machines, company owners often try to cut down the cost in other aspects, and these cheap panic buttons can serve their purpose efficiently. The entire concept of using such panic buttons is based on following the sound to identify the source. They are mainly installed near the machines so that any accidents due to machine works can be immediately addressed, and such prompt actions can save some lives.

Bluetooth beacons

Bluetooth beacons are simple radio transmitters often placed in usual places like hospitals. These machines generate radio pulses associated with unique identifiers every second. The panic buttons can locate the nearest beacons to it and include all their location details in these beacons. Whenever the button is turned on, the beacons can be used to locate these buttons, and the rescue operation can be conducted based on such reports.

Panic buttons associated with Wi-Fi 

Such buttons are often installed in places where there is a continuous, uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal. The panic button can catch such a signal and feed its location information into the system. If the Wi-Fi signal strength is high, then you can also use a portable panic button. In such a situation, the panic button can be tracked everywhere. Whenever the button is turned on, the immediate location can be traced. If the person who needs help is moving with the button, then also they can be tracked. These buttons might prove to be expensive, but they provide the best service at times of emergency.

Workplace panic button have become a necessity for all workplaces. The owners must take care of their employees, and such buttons serve best to avert most dire situations. You can install such panic buttons at your company so that your employees do not face any problems later on.

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