A sudden splurge in the paper bag economy has been observed which was seen due to enormous business owners switching to paper bag packaging- the green packaging concept.  The reason for the sudden acceptance of paper bags by the producers and the consumers has been the increasing awareness of the youth of the climate changes, over-exploitation, and environmental impacts of the previous packaging methods aka the plastic bags, which were not only non-biodegradable but the manufacturing process were also quite time-consuming. Though the paper bag’s tensile strength does not match the strength of the plastic bags, paper bags provide one an edge that the plastic ones are unable to provide, aka the customized packing. Now talking about paper bags, on visiting the market one is bombarded by the choices he has in the matter of paper and their specific uses, which are not commonly discussed– let’s have a look at them.

Why A Sudden Switch

Let’s keep the environment aside for a while though it is one of the major reasons for the switch, paper bags provide one with the freedom to customize them which plastic bags don’t. Customized packaging, let’s say for example, allows the manufacturer to create a bond with customers, and the creation of a brand name becomes so easy. The shift towards paper sandwich bags for the packaging of food items has been observed. As per the experts the aluminium foil previously used for food packaging has harmful effects on the human body, it entered via food into our bodies. When hot food is wrapped up in aluminium sheets this leads to aluminium entering our body via foods, which further poses serious damage to our digestive system, liver and intestines to be exact.

Different Types & Their Uses

Talking about paper bags when one visits the market to purchase them there is n number of types of paper bags available with different uses, for example, paper sandwich bags are used for packaging food items as a substitute for aluminium and plastic wraps. Kraft bags or brown bags are often used as packaging for notebooks stationery, grocery, and vending items, the fun fact about paper bags is that while there might be used for packaging purposes, they can be reused like brown bags are often times used as a void filler, notebook covers, origami art, or even a tool in easy ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Going green in packaging is a must since conventional packaging methods are posing a threat to the existence of life on earth. But while going green one should be aware of the different types of paper bags, they may vary in thickness, size, and quality. Another advantage of this shifting to green packaging is that it provided the business owner with free advertisements, the paper packaging used can be customised, and one can always make his or her customer feel special by adding a thank you note with the product, top of all these paper packagings has reduced the weight of the product significantly making it available to your customers at a cheaper delivery price.

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