Are you an adventure junkie at heart but have not tried out the peace of kayaking? Well you are missing out! But the good news is that if you know the basics, nothing can stop you from making kayaking a part of your adventure routines. For starting out, these  kayaks are the best form of kayaks that you can use. But you have to be careful of a few things when choosing your first kayak. Here is a quick rundown on all of the pertinent details that you need to know before you start out on this adventure:-

Why Do You Need To Sit On Top Of A Kayak?

A sunny day and just you with your kayak, there is no greater way to describe the peace that comes with the experience. You can enjoy the scenery while getting a quick exercise with paddling your sit on top kayak. If you want a quick swimming session, you can simply jump into the water from the kayak and when done, pop right back on it. You need a perfect elevation so that it is easier to take in the view around you. Also, it should be easy to get in or out of the kayak even in water.

Here are a few key features that you have to be aware of when choosing your version of sit on top kayaks.

The Quality

This is of primary importance. Polyethylene is one of the most popular kayak build materials. It gives a higher durability but does not make the kayak too bulky to carry to and from the water spot.

Storage Condition

Your kayak should at least have 2 storage compartments to properly store your gear. Also check whether the storage compartments have closures or at least cords to help secure the gear while you are kayaking in choppy waters. This way you can also add a cooler of food to the kayak to have a quiet picnic in the middle of the water.

Design And Performance

The sit on top kayak needs to be within the 9 – 11 feet length range to give you an ideally fast performance. If you are just looking to buy a kayak for fishing or calm recreation, you can choose a lengthier kayak. Sit on top kayaks are not too speedy but are easier to control on water. Look for kayak designs that are specifically able to accommodate a variety of different paddler sizes.

If you find a kayak that fits the bill on all these features, you must buy it for your collection. It can be an amazing addition to your life. Not only you but even your family can take it out for kayaking sessions and get proper use out of your sit on top kayak asset.

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