Time is the most precious gift God has given a man. It is how you use this time which makes all the difference in one’s life. But good times and bad times are an integral element in the cycle of life. In the ancient times, it was through sundials that one predicted what time it is; from the sun moon and stars, we have evolved into the modern day digital, analog or hybrid watches that sit on our wrists today.

Wrist watches are dual purpose accessories that not only serve their basic purpose of telling the correct time but over and above that add to your fashion or style quotient. Thus the advent of the modern day luxury watches that have been stylised and designed to suit a particular look, dress or even occasion.

Mine watch making is an art not for the naive and something that requires true experts and years of experience. Since luxury watches are a serious investment, taking care of a few tiny points is critical in getting the investment right. For starters, choosing the correct brand is critical. Getting the mechanics of fine watch-making correct accurately and with precision requires deft that only experienced hands can get right. So when planning to make a hefty investment in expensive watches, it is usually important to choose a brand that specialises in such watches for a long time. These brands have the finest hands taking care of their craftsmanship and design, who know how to get your watch ticking right. Going by a reputed brand imparts reliability, an important factor to keep in mind when buying a high-end watch. The next important factor is to set your budget. While the sky is the limit to the amount you could invest, it is always important to stay within a budget. The price of your designer watch again depends on the brand, the level of complication for example, a chronograph will cost you much more than a simple analog designer watch, the design if your watch is etched with diamonds and precious stones it would surely squeeze out more money from your pockets.

There are many brands that have been selling luxury watches and keeping up with the changing times. Rolex, Patek-Philippe, Blancpain, Chopard, Audemars Piguet are a few names that have stuck through times and are still standing tall as the brightest names in the time telling industry. Just like any other fashion component, watches also sell by brands. The mark of a good brand is in the product they have sold through the years and the ensuing market reputation. While planning to put precious dollars in a watch it is therefore important to make a smart investment and do your homework properly before buying.

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