The Industrial Revolution mechanised most the works and thus, accelerated the rates of production. Sewing machines were also a part of it. Whether it is the Sleeping Beauty falling asleep due to a needle prick or magical creatures being sewed back to life by the Toy Maker in the North Star, they are made aware of the omnipotent presence of sewing and knitting since childhood. Back in 1755, Charles Frederick Wiesenthal created a needle with an eye and was provided with the first British patent for mechanizing the sewing needle. Later, in 1790, Thomas Saint was identified with the innovation of the classic sewing machines. Different people have made different kinds of contributions to the sewing machine. However, one that stood out was a Swiss gentleman named Karl Friedrich Gegauf. His line of sewing machines- the one of a kind, Bernina sewing machine has acclaimed international recognition since its inception in 1893.

A Bernina sewing machine will cost you about 89 to 7800 pounds today. Wondering why a sewing machine would cost you so much? Have a look at its history of progress and it might convince you of every penny these machines are worth. Bernina sewing machines are the most sought after sewing machines in the world. After Gegauf son, Fritz Gegauf, filed for a patent in 1919 for the Wotan hemstitch sewing machine, there was no turning back for the company. Functioning for over a century today, the company has managed to reach out to over eighty countries in the world and has offices not only in Switzerland, but also in Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Germany, and of course, in USA.

When it first started producing sewing machines, sewing machines were capable of being used just by one person and for one type of stitching. Earlier, women would generally be the ones to sit at home and sew clothes for their family members. Today, these are used even in textile and fashion industries to stitch the finest of fabrics. The first kind of sewing machines produced by them in 1932 were manual and featured a zigzag design of stitching. Around 1945, they came up with an electric version of the same. As early as 1986, they went a step ahead to create a fully self-activating computerized machine that could retain stitching preferences and had numerous stitching patterns pre-installed. In 2002, they took it a notch ahead and introduced the world’s first sewing and embroidery computer with a MS Windows OS and LCD screen. Recently, in 2014, it pioneered a long arm quilting machine of the semi professional level.

The history of their committed accomplishments surely convinces us of the worth of a Bernina sewing machine. Owing to its exclusiveness, you will be provided with a free training session to acquaint yourself with the machine. To purchase them, you can either visit stores or order them online at discounts. You can also purchase their accessories like the presser feet, softwares, hoops, overlocker machines, etc separately, if required.

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