Our daily routines are complicated because we don’t have enough time to enjoy our lives. Everything is complicated, from every problem that needs solving to every issue that needs our attention. All of these things are very demanding and require much of our energy and attention. But what about relaxation? When do we relax, and most importantly, where do we go?

Does the place matter?

There are many successful people who talk about how important it is to have a hobby, to go out, to disconnect yourself from your daily schedule and connect to a whole other type of activity, feeling, and emotion. Going out means having a great time, seeing places, discovering people, having experiences and living them at a whole different level. But does the place matter? Is it important to go somewhere special and different, or should you go to that familiar favorite place you’ve been going to for the last ten years?

The answer is simple: do what you feel like doing. Sure, the place matters if you want to do something different, something unique, but the most important factor of the experience is to enjoy it with somebody: friends, family or any other.

Have you heard about interactive theatre? It’s a great combination of experiences, offering you the opportunity to discover the new and have a night that you will remember. The concept, which is relatively new, involves the idea of integrating the spectators of the show in the performance. This means that the stage moves to the streets, to various significant locations in the city, and the actors present their show among the people present there. It’s incredible what can arise from such a performance because the participants at the show are involved in the experience as well.

They are not just passive watchers who look at a screenplay from the comfort of their seats—they are living the moment, experiencing the scenes and talking with the actors like a normal conversation. This is something that has revolutionized the perspective of theatregoers around the globe because it’s different, it’s interactive, and you can never expect what’s next.

Discovering new places

One of the greatest benefits of this type of performance is the fact that it has been designed to take the audience to various places of the city that may have special significance. It’s incredible to see how a group of people can discover a hidden street among the many of the city where a certain act of the show might take place. Another great thing about this type of show is the fact that the background is unique and changes alongside with the scene.

One action can take place in the center of the town, then you can visit the docks and see another part of the story, and then you can move then to the top of a church and so on. Everything is connected and it tells the story.

It’s the experience that has an impact!

Why do people love interactive theater? It’s because of the fact that they are part of the show, that they contribute with a few lines themselves and the actors walk among them in order to give their performance. It’s something that brings a 180-degree change to the world of theater, because it’s much more than just a show, it’s a real life experience that puts the audience in the center

Creating a powerful experience will not only attract more and more people, it will transmit the message a lot better. Creating a play means searching for an aspect of life, a principle, a theory that you may want to transmit to your audience in order to learn a lesson or consolidate one. The great thing about interactive plays is the fact that the audience can learn that lesson as part of the experience and not just watch it and then forget it. The impact is incredible.

If you ever get the chance to attend an interactive theatre event, you should go without delay. It will open your eyes and impress your heart, be certain of that.

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