Since the early 2020 we have realized the actual meaning of lockdown. This whole year has impacted every side of our life. Our educational pattern to celebration pattern everything has been changed in during this lockdown period. Even though such a huge impact we are surviving, we are learning, working, eating and doing our everyday stuff. But, what about our social life? What about special events like marriage? People who have planned to get married in near 2020 or 2021 often Google one question “Are wedding venues accessible in lockdown?” This article ends your confusion here. There are some spacious wedding venues in Essex but to access them you have to strictly follow some protocols, such as:-

Guest list should be limited to 15 people- We completely understand how special you feel about your wedding and also that you have made full plans for each and every hour of  your wedding days. But we have absolutely no control over the situation. According to the Government’s instruction since September only 15 people are allowed in a wedding venue as guests. Selecting 15 people as guests must be tough for a couple. We absolutely understand your feelings. But there is absolutely no alternative. Prepare your guest lists earlier. Take time to choose those 15 people whom you consider close and important.

Bookings should be done before 12 weeks of wedding- Though the government has permitted access to the weddings with 15 people, still we can’t predict the future situation. This is why booking should be done before 12 weeks of wedding so that the wedding venue owner gets enough time to monitor the situation and inform you if anything happens in between that period.

Sanitization of the venue- Now we all understand the importance of proper sanitization. Government has instructed all wedding venues to take primary precaution like properly sanitizing the venue. So, the wedding venue owners have to be more cautious about the sanitization process. This should be done before 1 or 2 day of wedding. Also as a wedding couple it’s your duty to check-out whether your selected wedding venue is safe or not. Check-out whether they are maintaining government’s protocols or not, before you finalize the wedding venue.

Covid-test is necessary – Nowadays accessible wedding venues are following a strict rule. Providing covid-test reports of the couples and their guests is necessary to have entry in the wedding venue. It’s for ensuring everyone’s safety. Though there is no such instruction given by the government some wedding venues have this protocol that you should obey.

Limit the number of staffs- Now this could be hard but you have to manage. According to the present scenario wedding couples are not allowed to keep a lot of staff in their wedding venue. So yes, to have access to the available wedding venues you have to limit the number of staff.

Hope you found all the answers you were looking for. We wish you to maintain all the necessary protocols and have a safe, wonderful wedding.  

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