Lashing is used to secure the cargo at the time of transportation to minimise shifting. The items which are primarily used for lashing include nets, ropes, strapping, cables, chains as well as wires. The anchoring of these items are done to the CTU or Cargo Transport Unit and they are tensioned against cargo.

Lashing holds significance since it promotes the security of damage by not letting it get damaged. This is one of the initial things which is audited by the insurance companies in case of an accident.

The insurance might not compensate for the damage which is done to the equipment if the lashing is not done properly.

What Are Different Types Of Lashings?

The different kinds of lashings which can be done by Cargo lashing equipment are as follows:-

  1. Web Lashings

Using textile lashing or web lashing is one of the popular ways to secure cargo. Top-over lashing is a commonly practised method. At the time of implementing a top-over lashing, the pressing of the cargo is done against the carrier of the load by the tensioning force which is properly built up in the lashing process. It also increases the weight.

The combined weight resulting from the interaction as well as the actual friction between the surface of the carrier’s and the cargo prevents sliding of the cargo. These kinds of lashings are used to prevent cargo from wandering or tipping.

  1. Chain Lashings

A chain lashing is used similarly to Cargo lashing equipment with the common distinction that it is used more as a direct lashing.

  1. Fixed Winches

The mounting of the fixed winches is done more on the outside of the bearer of the load. This could be a simple configuration with locking, slotted axis as well as tensioning device and sometimes further advanced if it is encapsulated which constitutes web storage. They could either be welded or bolted in a place.

How Is Cargo Lashing Equipment Useful?

In times of bad weather or loss of container, the assessment of lashing systems is done. Since a large number of lost containers have become a primary concern in the overall marine industry. The increase in cargo claims, as well as floating containers, indicates a probable hazard to navigation.


It’s very important to completely comprehend both the strengths and weaknesses of different container securing systems. Taking measures to avoid such loss is important. The areas of flashing should be safe and secure.

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