Really interested to find out about baby growth during pregnancy week by week? A lot of mothers face this situation and you are not alone in this situation. In this regard you can find out symptoms along with signs of pregnancy as well. The pregnancy calendars in the market carry week by week guide on the growth or development phase of a baby. These changes tend to manifest over a period of time. Normally the stage of pregnancy is divided into 40 weeks or 280 days and can be divided into 3 trimesters. If you sneak through the chart or calendar you can pretty much figure out how your baby is going to resemble at each stage. A pregnancy growth video would also throw more light on things. If you do feel that something is lacking, then you can get in touch with your doctor. Let us now go through the various trimesters of pregnancy and explain it in details

The first trimester

In the first trimester of pregnancy we are talking about weeks 1 to 14 of your pregnancy. The first couple of weeks are the time when the sperm goes on to fertilize the egg. By week 3, the fertilized egg could form an embryo. By week 4 you will feel the first early symptom of pregnancy and that is nausea. At week 5 the formation of all the organs takes place in the little one. In week 6 the heartbeat of your baby does beat for the first time.

Second trimester

This does emerge from week 15 to the 26th week. At the starting phase the baby begins movement of the feet, hips and head. Since the uterus tends to move in an upward direction you do get the symptom of frequent urination as well. At around week 20, the baby does begin to sleep and wake on a regular basis as well. At around week 24, the heartbeat of the baby does become so distinct that it is hard to place an ear on the stomach.

Third trimester

This does commence from week 27 and ends when your baby is born. This is around week 40. At week 27 movements are felt in the baby and all the basic senses of sight and sound develop by week 29. By week 34, the immune system of the baby does begin to develop. At this point of time you should observe signs of labor since most of the babies are born at this point of time. In all cases the baby is born by week 40 and sometimes it does extend by a couple of weeks as well.

When you are updated with the pregnancy information of your baby on a week by week basis, you can observe the various changes in pregnancy and keep track of the growth of your baby. If you observe that the week by week growth of your baby is not in line with the chart then medical help could be sort.

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