Beauty and grooming salons are gaining immense popularity these days. This is because they bring out a new version of people. While the experience and expertise of the stylist is a major determinant of a salon’s success in the market, the first impression about it is often made by a simple yet important equipment- the chairs.

A lot depends on the clients first impression and if he/ she is greeted by a smiling stylist but asked to sit on a squeaky chair, it may spell disaster for the salon even before the extremely talented stylist comes into the picture. This is why salon owners must pay attention to what kind of chairs are they investing in. Here are some key pointers to check in salon chairs before purchasing them.

  • Colour and material

The colour and material of chairs in the salon should be determined while keeping the colour scheme and ambiance of the salon in mind. Chairs that have an odd colour will look out-of-place and cheap construction material of chairs in a plush salon will turn out to be an eyesore. Whether to choose real leather or faux leather for seats depends on the budget of the owner, but due consideration must be given to the overall aesthetics of the salon.

  • Massage features

Chairs with massaging features are a big hit with clients. It is therefore important for salon owners to invest one or more chairs that have this feature. These chairs must come with a remote control to vary and control the vibration frequency and intensity and to adjust tilt and bend of the chair.

  • Height adjustment and rotation

For certain procedures, it is important for chairs to have features like height adjustment and reclining. Therefore, at least a few salon chairs should have a possibility to be reclined, rotated and fixed at specific angles to facilitate the procedure at the salon without causing any discomfort to either the stylist or the client.

  • Ergonomic design

Regardless of the specific function of a chair, it should have an ergonomic design so that the client doesn’t suffer from body pain or ache during the procedures at the salon. This simple feature is a key determinant of a salon’s success and positive reviews.

It is now clear how simple equipment like a chair can contribute to the success of a salon. It is therefore important to choose a dealer that stocks and supplies salon chairs with all desirable features.

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