An Investment gets its worth when you make your investment decision after researching a bit about the market. According to the current statistical evidence it could be stated that loose gems always rule the market. In the list of loose coloured diamonds like Pink diamonds always own the first place. Investment in pink diamonds is being considered the most profitable investment if the investors study the market and invest the money for proper licensed diamonds. This is the most expensive diamond and its price is getting hiked day by day. There are some other unrevealed facts about this form of investment that one should know before reaching into any decision, such as 

Huge Financial return

People like to prefer investing their hard earned money into something that has huge demand in the market. In comparison with any other gems, a coloured diamond always gets the first place when it comes to market value. According to the statistical evidence of Fancy Colour Research Foundation it can be stated that pink diamonds with proper certification can lead to a huge financial return. In the past five years this diamond is ruling the market with huge financial profit.

Certification number increases the worth

The most unrevealed fact this diamond investment is the profit of investment depends on the authenticity too. If an investor is investing their money on the coloured diamonds that have absolutely no certification number the chances of profit is only about 1%. On the other hand, a proper certified coloured diamond can assure more than 20% growth in market price. So if you are the one who is planning to make a big investment like investing in loose diamonds be careful about the certification number.

Reselling is easy if your diamonds have license

Most investors worry about the reselling of the material. If you are one of those, don’t need to worry. A coloured diamond specially the pink one with proper license is very easy to resell. You don’t need to be stressed while reselling such diamonds if your diamonds are carrying a proper license. This is why all the investors should check if the diamonds are having proper licence before investing money and time on it.

New record of price range brings the twist

The most twisting factor about this form of investment is that a change in market price is a frequent and constant thing. If you are investing your money on super expensive diamonds like this you will end-up checking the current market price of your investment every month. But here comes the twist, because whenever you are going to check the current price range you are going to be super happy with a new record of increased price. This is maybe the one and only investment where investors always get the good news of rising prices.

So, after a long discussion we could easily conclude that these four unknown factors reveal all the truth an investor must know before investing a huge amount.  At the end, a point to be noted is that this fancy looking diamond is highly exceptional and increases its market value more. 

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