Estate agents are proficient experts who facilitate the sale of a property. They can be representing either the seller or the buyer side and can assist in selling all kinds of residential and commercial properties. From looking for the apt property or the seller to signing the property transfer documents and everything in between, an estate agent helps in the entire process.

Every property deal has different requirements associated with it, and the ideal way to sail through is to hire an estate agent. If you are also looking for the best Shepherd’s Bush estate agents for buying or selling a property, it is vital to know the details about their roles.

Roles Of An Estate Agent

Only when you know the roles and responsibilities of an estate agent, you can fully utilize the services and nail a fruitful real estate deal. Let us dig deeper and find out the details about it.

For Sellers:-

Market Listing

Listing the property on various online marketplaces is the first step to selling. Once you hire an agent, he will run the advertisement over different online and offline platforms to get a qualified buyer.

Buyer Screening

Once you advertise, there are going to be a lot of queries. Every query is not a potential sale. Your estate agent saves you screen the options and brings you the list of potential buyers only.

Deal Negotiations

Negotiation in price or repair work is part of every deal. Your agent will do these negotiations on your behalf and still finalize the deal at the best price.

Final Contract

Lastly, the final step is to get the legal transfer papers ready and get them signed. The agent ensures that all the terms get mentioned in the papers to avoid any bitter experiences or legal flaws.

For Buyers:-

Requirement Gathering

Your estate agent will take detailed information about your requirements. You can tell them the area you need, the amenities you require and your preferred location.

Find Properties

On the basis of requirements that you share, your Shepherd’s Bush estate agents will help find the best options available.


Another thing that the estate agent handles is to negotiate the price and repair work on your behalf and help you grab the best deal.

These are the prime roles and responsibilities of an estate agent. To ensure that the entire experience remains fruitful, you should find the most reliable and reputed agents in the area. Read reviews, take references from other people and hire an agent only when you are sure.

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